driving license


The quickest and easiest way to update your address with the DVLA is online, and it’s free to do so.

The procedures will vary depending on whether you are from Great Britain or Northern Ireland. Before you begin filling out the documents, you will need the following:

  1. Your National Insurance number, passport, and driver’s license (if available)
  2. Your residences throughout the past three years
  3. Not being prohibited from driving
  4. You must send a letter if you also want to change your name at the same time.

While you wait for your new driver’s license to arrive, you may continue to drive as long as there are no other problems, such as driving restrictions.

Moving abroad prevents you from updating your address on your British driver’s license, instead, you must get in touch with the local driving license office.

Did you know that failing to notify the DVLA of a change of address might result in a £1,000 fine? Additionally, keep in mind to update the address on your insurance, car log book, and, if you pay by direct debit, your vehicle tax.

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